Continual Self-Weld Estate Fencing

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Our high quality, supply only traditional estate fencing, is an identical product to our fencing installed by our specialist teams across the UK, and can be supplied flat-packed to weld on-site to create your continuous, traditional estate fence. If you do not have welding facilities, we also offer our supply only bolt together fence panels. All our supply only estate fencing, like all our products, are manufactured in our UK fabrication unit and can be fully bespoke to meet your requirements.

Weld On-site Continuous Fencing

All our fencing includes a 20mm solid round top rail with 25mm x 6mm flat under rails. Unless specified otherwise. Our solid rails will last decades longer than hollow tube.

*Railings are also available in 6-metre lengths, please get in contact to receive a delivery cost*

Weld On-site Installation - Continual Estate Fencing

Alternative under rails (for horses or cattle) also available, please get in contact for a quote.

Alternative Under Railings

Under Rails

Intermediate Posts

Intermediate pre-punched posts supplied every metre. To be driven 800mm in the ground or concreted.

Intermediate Posts

Intermediate Post Tops

Intermediate Post Tops

Thrust Plates

We advise to have a thrust plate on every 3rd post which can be concreted in the ground to give your estate fence more rigidity. Our 100mm square thrust plates are welded on your intermediate posts below ground level.

If you are conscious of your ground stability or have cattle, please select more thrust plates below.

Thrust Plates

Pet and Livestock (lamb) Proofing

Choose from our 6mm ornate bar or 2.5mm high tensile wire between the bottom 2 or 3 rail gaps if your pets need keeping in or you need to prevent livestock such as lambs from escaping. Please refer back to our specification drawings to see the distance between each rail if uncertain. Note – Supply of high tensile wire excluded from price.

Animal Proofing


1 - Bare Metal (left to rust)

2 - Painted (Zinc phosphate black primer sprayed in the unit before dispatch. Tins of black satin topcoat finish supplied with your order to apply after installation, thinners excluded). Alternative colours available, please state a RAL number.

3 - Galvanised and painted (available on request).


Need Assistance? Get your Continual Self-Weld Estate Fencing installed by the experts

Our weld on site estate fencing is the most robust supply only fencing we offer, providing full flexibility when installing, with each rail threaded through intermediate fence posts, knocked into the ground at your desired height.

Extremely popular with property developers, building contractors and landscapers and anyone who can self-weld, our estate fencing is delivered to you ready to install.

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Continual Self-Weld Estate Fencing FAQs

Our self-weld estate fencing comes in a variety of styles and options, which you can choose from below:

Traditional Estate Fencing

  • 1m x 4 rails
  • 1.2m x 5 rails
  • 1.4m x 6 rails

Traditional Deer Estate Fencing

  • 1.6m x 7 rails
  • 1.8m x 8 rails
  • 2m x 9 rails


Our railings reduce towards the ground unless stated otherwise.

Delivered in 3-metre lengths, ready to feed through your fence posts.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 20mm solid round top rail with 25mm x 6mm flat under rails
  • 20mm solid round top rail with 16mm round under rails

We also supply alternative under rails, in the following sizes:

  • 25mm x 8mm Flat under rail (For horses)
  • 20mm solid round under rail (For cattle)

Pet and Livestock Proofing

  • 6mm ornate bar + £1.70 per metre – Sweeps well round corners and looks aesthetically pleasing on smaller fence lines and in gardens. Please note, that if trodden on it will bend.
  • 2.5mm high tensile wire + £1.50 per metre – Remains tensile at all times so perfect for areas with livestock or long fence lines. Although it does not sweep around corners and maybe less suited for small fence runs or in gardens.


  • 25mm x 8mm flat (suitable fir horses)
  • 20mm solid round (suitable for cattle)
  • 40mm x 8mm (Our standard and most popular)
  • 40mm x 10mm (For horses and larger animals that may lean up against a fence)
  • 50mm x 10mm (For cattle)


  • Flat Top
  • Chamfered top
  • Round top
  • Cheshire top

End and Corner Posts

  • 48mm – 50mm round (with or without ball finials) – £70 each
  • 70mm square (with or without ball finials) – £70 each

Bespoke size end/corner posts also available.

Delivered in lengths with enough allowance for 800mm to concrete in the ground.

Thrust Plates

If we were to install your fencing, we include a 150mm x 150mm thrust plate at the bottom of every third post which is concreted in the ground for extra rigidity.

We advise for additional rigidity that a thrust plate is included on every third intermediate post, which is concreted in the ground.


  • Untreated, left to weather.
  • Painted black.
  • Galvanised and painted black.
  • Painted – Zinc phosphate black primer sprayed in our unit before dispatch with a satin topcoat, tin of satin black topcoat for every 50 metres of fencing included in the price for an allowance of 100-micron minimum coating sprayed on site.
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