Witham Hall School, Lincolnshire


Witham Hall School in Lincolnshire approached us to install our estate fencing around the edge of the pond that sits on the grounds opposite the school’s great hall.

Since the school was established back in 1959, our installation would need to capture the essence of the school’s past and ensure the aesthetics were in keeping with the look and feels of the grounds around the pond.


For this project, we were approached by Witham Hall School to install estate fencing and a gate around the edge of the pond to ensure that there was a protective barrier around the pond, that also allowed access for any necessary maintenance too.

Because our standard steeling fencing is usually designed to be used in straight lines, this would require a completely bespoke approach to ensure we could bend the fencing around the circumference of the pond.

What We Did

To account for the curve around the edge of the pond, we fabricated fencing with preformed curves before arriving for the installation. This ensured that fencing could effectively mirror the curvature of the pond’s edge.

We utilised our fine 6mm ornate rails for this job, to ensure that the fence remained as unobtrusive as possible. This meant that not only were we staying true to the aesthetics of the property, but also ensured the view of the pond and the beautiful feature in the middle remained entirely visible.

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