Jekka’s HerbFest 2023

We’re an official sponsor of the annual event that celebrates herbs in all their glory. We’re incredibly proud to be an official sponsor and partner of Jekka’s HerbFest 2023. This three-day event running from Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July 2023, is a celebration of all things herbs. The event is jam packed with

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Cultivating Minds: How the Outdoors Boosts Kids’ Mental Health

There’s no doubt that there is increasing pressure on the population, with the effects of the pandemic, cost of living and rising energy bills creating the perfect storm for negativity and feelings of anxiety, which is also beginning to impact our children.  The latest statistics confirm that: Another common cause of these stresses, and a

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Jekka’s Herb Garden

Recently we undertook a big project with Jekka’s Herb Garden, a sustainably managed farm producing medical and culinary herbs in South Gloucestershire.  Jekka and her family originally built the Herbetum back in 2013, as a means to display the collection of more than 400 different herbs, but their experience dates back decades.  “The Herb Garden is

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