Steel Driveway Edging

Our steel driveway edging is designed to be both exceptionally strong and durable, whilst providing an elegant solution to define your garden or estate driveway. It is fabricated in the UK using the highest quality steel, and can be purchased for supply only, or installed by our specialist teams across the country.

Have your Driveway Edging installed by our expert team

At Steel Landscaping Co. we have teams that operate nationwide to ensure the expert installation of your edging, whether it’s for your driveway, lawn, or gravel areas. 


Each piece of edging is professionally welded on-site to provide seamless joints. This ensures that your edging has a much greater lifespan and strength, and also creates an edge that flows seamlessly along your driveway.

Steel Driveway Edging by trees and fallen leaves

What are the Advantages of Metal Driveway Edging?

There are many advantages to using metal edging over other materials, such as:


Steel edging is as durable as it comes, and will last for decades if not longer with little wear and tear.


Your driveway and connecting land will be easily supported by the strength of the steel, which can also manage loads from above too, like feet or vehicles.


Steel can be installed to meet the various contours of your garden with natural flowing curves or sturdy straight lines to meet your requirements.


As well as being highly durable, steel edging looks incredibly elegant, and ensures an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance driveway. 


Connections between steel edgings are completely seamless, and almost completely invisible. As well as being visually pleasing, this ensures strong edging.


Types of Steel Driveway Edging

Steel edging is available in both different heights and widths, to meet the needs of your garden and driveway.

Available Heights:

100 mm

150 mm

200 mm

300 mm

400 mm +

Available Widths:

We recommend a minimum of 5 mm thick edging for your driveway.

5 mm

6 mm

Steel Driveway Edging in woodland

What finishes are available for my edging?

Mild Steel

This low-carbon steel is easy to weld and form. It is incredibly durable and would withstand vehicles driving over it. Like CorTen steel, it develops a beautiful golden patina over time.

CorTen Steel

CorTen steel or weathered steel is specially developed to be long-lasting outdoors and is very popular with garden designers. 

Once exposed to the elements, CorTen steel forms a natural protective layer creating a stunning patina of copper hues, rust, and bronze.

This protective layer is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also creates an exceptional barrier to corrosion whilst maintaining the utmost tensile strength.

Our CorTen steel products require no maintenance and will last a lifetime and beyond depending on the thickness of steel.

How do I measure my driveway for edging installation?

You can measure your driveway by simply approaching it with a measuring tape. If there is a curve in your driveway, it could also be beneficial to lay rope or string along the space you require your edging to be. This will ensure that as you measure, you take into account the distance added by curves, too.

For more information on installing your edging, view our installation guide today.

Steel Driveway Edging by Estate Fencing
Steel Driveway Edging splitting the driveway and grass

Self-Installation Steel Edging

Self-Installed Steel Edging is also available to all customers who have the resources to lay the steel edging themselves. This steel edging is slightly different to the steel provided when our teams install it. 


This edging uses a unique system that allows each piece of steel to be seamlessly connected with a pin. Only basic tools are required to see your edging installed. 


For further details on installation, please request an installation guide.


Require more edging or other steel products?

At Steel Landscaping Co., we offer a range of Steel Products for immediate purchase through our Shop. You can also learn more about our Estate Fencing, Steel Gates, Tree Guards and more by visiting each or downloading our brochure. 

Steel Driveway Edging FAQs

Metal edging, especially thicker widths of it, can handle being driven over with no damage done. This is where steel edging stands above its contemporaries, as it looks beautiful while also being incredibly durable.

CorTen steel or weathered steel is another metal option for your edging as it is specially developed to be long-lasting outdoors. Once it is exposed to the elements, CorTen steel forms a natural protective layer creating a stunning patina of copper hues, rust, and bronze.

Where clients choose mild steel or CorTen steel for their edging, they will find the steel far outlasts that of aluminium. 

In addition to these two options, galvanised steel is also an option, this is where mild steel is dipped in molten zinc. This creates a very hard protective coating, making the steel incredibly resistant to moisture and corrosion, while allowing it to be primed and painted in any colour.

Steel edging lasts for decades. When it comes to driveways, using 5 mm or 6 mm edging is best. This edging will withstand being driven over, while also lasting over 25 years. CorTen steel is likely to last for even longer.

Different thicknesses should be considered for their use. For instance, a driveway should use steel edging around 5 mm to 6 mm thick. This provides more strength if the edging is driven over. Lawn or gravel edging though can be 5 mm, 6 mm, or much thinner at 3 mm, as it is less likely to bear heavy weights.

Absolutely! Plastic wears away a lot faster than steel, as it becomes brittle when exposed to sunlight. Steel edging, on the other hand, remains durable for decades.

Thick steel edging is the preferred choice for gravel driveways, as it can bear the weight of cars running over the edges. It is also durable, so gravel being scratched by gravel will have minimal effect.

Bespoke Design and Fabrication

Alongside our range of steel products, we also offer a Bespoke Design service, which allows you to create a unique steel product for your land. Whether it’s bespoke or one of our pre-existing pieces, we fabricate each piece at our fabrication unit in Leicestershire with a team of skilled steel fabricators.


Find out more about our Bespoke Design and Fabrication below.

See Our Installation Guide

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