Steel Edging – Self-installation

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Our timeless self-installation steel edging creates stunning defined lines throughout your property. Our high-quality steel edging is fabricated in the UK and can be installed by yourself or a contractor, providing seamless joins with a simple installation process.
If you are purchasing for a large property, an estate, a council, or as a contractor, consider reaching out to us directly for Steel Driveway Edging Services, Steel Lawn Edging Services, and Steel Gravel Edging Services.
Steel Edging
Steel Type
The minimum order quantity for edging is 26M. You will not be able to checkout if it is less than 26M. Delivered in 3 metre lengths. Longer lengths available on request. All lengths include welded on connectors and ground pins for securing.
If you require deeper edging, please contact us for a quote.


Straight Connector

Straight Connector

90 Degree Corner

(Connectors hidden internally)

90 Degree Corner (Connectors hidden internally)

270 Degree Corner

(Connectors hidden externally)

270 Degree Corner (Connectors hidden externally)


At a glance:

Fabricated in the UK: Each piece of edging is fabricated at our fabrication unit in Leicestershire.

Sourced from Net-zero committed partners: Our steel is sourced from steel production partners that are committed to the Corporate Net-Zero Standard.

We use only the finest steels: Both CorTen and Mild Steel options are available for our edging, and as such are highly durable and long-lasting.

Heights to suit your property:We offer our edging in a range of heights to meet the needs of your property.

Easy to install: Our self-installation steel edging only requires basic tools to build.

Rapid shipments: We aim to deliver your edging within 14 days of receiving your order.

Our self-installation edging option can be assembled using basic tools. It uses a unique system where each piece of steel edging can be seamlessly joined together with a pin.

Thickness options include:

  • 3 mm: 3 mm Steel Edging is best for raised borders, flower beds, lawns, and small paths.
  • 5 mm: 5 mm Steel Edging works best for driveways and other areas where you might expect heavier loads.
  • 6 mm: Much like the 5 mm, 6 mm Steel Edging is ideal for driveways and can manage the largest burdens.

Each thickness option comes in 3-metre lengths.

Height options include:

  • 100 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 250 mm
  • 300 mm (supplied in 2.5-metre lengths)

Please note that pricing is per metre.

Steel Types

CorTen Steel Edging

CorTen Steel Edging, also known as weathered steel edging, has been developed specially for outdoor use, and is incredibly popular with garden designers and landscapers.

If you choose CorTen Steel for your landscape edging, you can expect to see a natural protective layer build upon exposure to the elements. This layer creates a beautiful patina of copper hues, rust, and bronze.

This barrier ensures that your steel edge is incredibly long-lasting and resistant to corrosion, while maintaining tensile strength.

CorTen steel requires no upkeep, and depending on the steel width it will last a lifetime. It is truly a brilliant option for your paths, borders, and driveways!

Mild Steel Edging

Mild Steel Edging is a low-carbon steel, and as such it is easy to weld and form. This steel is also incredibly durable, and depending on the thickness purchased, it can withstand the weight of people and vehicles.

This steel develops a stunning golden patina over time.

How does the Steel Edging fix together?

Our steel edging is fixed together via a simple tube and brace system. Round solid 16mm pins are knocked through the tube and brace connectors providing a seamless strong connection.

Please note:

  • Includes pins and welded-on fixings.
  • Please request an installation guide for further details.
  • If you require a bespoke size or have any questions, please contact our sales team; we will gladly assist you.

Self-Installation Edging is one of our most popular products, it is ideal for creating straight or curved borders, naturally flowing and incredibly easy to install – Download the PDF Installation Guide.

How will my Steel Landscape Edging arrive?


At Steel Landscaping Co., we endeavour to get your items delivered as quickly as possible. All our items are made to order, so depending on the size of your order, delivery times may vary.

We aim to deliver your goods to you within 14 days of accepting your order. We will do our best to fit our delivery schedule around your requirements. If you have a specific deadline, please get in touch with us.

We recommend you do not plan your installation date until the product has been delivered.

We typically deliver goods using our preferred haulage company. Your order will be delivered on pallets. Please ensure that you have the appropriate off loading facilities to take a rigid lorry with the correct machine to lift your pallet off the lorry. Each pallet will be under 1000kg. Alternatively, if you do not have access to lifting machinery, then we ask that you have 2 competent people to hand lift your products from the delivery lorry. 

If you do not have the following facilities or two competent people to lift your products please contact our team and we will be happy to supply your edging in 2 metre lengths.

If access to your delivery address is restricted, please let us know when speaking to our team.

Deliveries are made from Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

Need Assistance? Get your Steel Edging installed by the experts.

We supply and install steel driveway edging, steel gravel edging, and steel lawn edging, which are welded together on-site by our experienced team providing seamless joints. This ensures it has exceptional strength and lifespan, whilst creating a naturally flowing boundary edge.

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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Steel Edging – Self-installation FAQs

Our metal edging is made from the highest quality steel available in the UK. Steel edging creates a clean, fine definition between different areas and levels of your garden and outdoor space. Since steel is a premium product, it is incredibly strong and durable. Unlike other materials used for edging such as brick and wood, steel will not deteriorate as fast overtime and will be less affected by the varying weather conditions we are used to in the UK, making it a viable investment.

Installing steel edging not only creates definitive lines, but it also makes your space easier to maintain and more presentable, which is ideal for large estates and commercial spaces. Mowing over your edging creates an extremely satisfying, fine, crisp line that you cannot achieve with other products. This is now being noticed amongst the construction industry, particularly for high end projects that require an edging that is more subtle and traditional but equally as strong as other options such as concrete edging.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge supplying and installing steel edging for stately homes, building contractors, home owners, landscape architects and garden designers. We are committed to providing a professional service right from the moment you begin working with us, from the initial design stage through to installation. We will always act with integrity and care when it comes to our clients’ unique needs; constantly thinking about the bigger picture to provide personalised, clear, and considered advice across all our products.

Our solid steel edging can be installed by our professional team or supplied for you to install by purchasing our self installation edging. You can also choose to have the steel painted or for a more traditional and rustic look it can be left to weather down to its natural golden patina. Either way, the results look stunning once the edging has been installed.

Our most popular fencing consists of a 20mm diameter round top rail with 16mm diameter round or 25mm x 6mm flat under rails. The spacings between each rail usually decrease towards the ground, unless stated otherwise.

All our edging is welded on site by our experienced teams for maximum structural integrity and longevity, creating a seamless finish, whilst creating flexibility when installing on more complex projects, allowing the edging to flow naturally along boundaries.

Our mild steel and corten edging is welded to solid 16mm steel pins that are hammered into the ground. Our edging arrives in 6 or 2 metre lengths with every joint welded together with a steel plate. All joining plates and pins will be welded lower than finish height so they will not be visible from above.

Our metal edging is commonly purchased in mild steel; however, we can offer corten edging too. Our height of edging ranges from 100mm to 300mm, from 3mm to 6mm thickness. We can fabricate and install bespoke depths and thicknesses if required.

We advise that 100mm x 3mm or 5mm would be suitable for lawn edging, flower borders and small paths, whereas the 150mm x 5mm is recommended for edging on driveways to withstand vehicles. Our 150mm x 5mm edging is also suitable for areas that require a sub-base build up as the edging acts as a strong retainer.

Building contractors and landscapers often require our teams to install our steel edging before their final stages of groundworks as the edging sets definitive lines and heights for the contractors to work to, speeding up and simplifying the final stages of landscaping.

Our 300mm high edging offers a practical solution to flower bed borders that are sloped that need terracing or generally higher ground level changes that need retaining. Our 300mm steel edging is also a great way to create raised beds for growing veg or flowers.

Our 3mm edging offers the greatest flexibility to create tighter curves and form smaller circles, whilst the 5mm can create sweeping curves and is more suitable for straight runs.

For tight radius curves and/or circles under 2-metre diameters, we advise that you speak to one of our sales team during the consultation stage to determine whether we would need to prefabricate any edging before work commencement. We can fabricate all bespoke curves and circles and can install too.

Our 6mm edging is ideal for straight runs, retaining larger quantities of soil whilst still forming gentle curves.

Unlike other edging options, including wood, mild steel edging will take much longer to deteriorate and will be less affected by the varying weather conditions. Our 5mm mild steel edging for example would take a minimum of 30 years to rust away. If you choose corten then you are guaranteed that your edging will never deteriorate, lasting a lifetime, as corten resists corrosion by forming a protective golden oxidation over the steel. Please visit our FAQ’s for further information on Corten.

It is secured in the ground by 500mm long, 16mm round, ground pins at 1 metre intervals.

To make a 90-degree corner, you can simply purchase one from our online shop and install it.

Our 3mm steel edging is our most flexible steel edging product and can create sweeping curves. If you are purchasing 5mm steel edging, as a general rule anything under a 2.5-metre radius curve would need to be pre-rolled in our fabrication unit. Please feel free to contact our team if you require bespoke curves.

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