Steel Landscaping Co. Installation Guide

In addition to supplying a wide variety of outdoor steel products for our customers, we are also able to provide full installation service for our fencing, steel weave and edging products.

Our skilled and experienced team work across the country in the UK and Northern Ireland and understand that the installation of our traditional steel products takes time and precision to ensure only the very best results.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the installation process is of the highest quality from the very outset of your project to the final installation.

Whilst we are able to offer quotes over the phone on 07947611157, or by email at, it’s best to arrange a site visit with us to ensure we’re able to help guide you from the beginning.

Installation Details for Steel Fencing

We install both traditional estate fencing and deer fencing, and although these are usually fabricated to standard sizes, up to 1.2 metres high for estate fencing, and up to 2 metres for deer fencing, we can also fabricate and install any kind of bespoke fencing to suit your requirements.

Our standard rails are usually a 20mm diameter top rail with round or flat under rails. The spacings between each rail usually decrease towards the ground (unless stated otherwise).

All intermediate posts will be knocked in the ground at one-metre intervals with every third post including a welded-on 150mm thrust plate postcreted in the ground.

The rails will be staggered between the posts and welded together for maximum structural integrity and longevity.

All welds will be chipped, wire brushed, and paint primed to prevent any rusting. All fencing is sprayed with zinc phosphate black primer before arrival on-site and topcoat, 100-micron minimum coating sprayed on site. The standard finish for our traditional estate fencing and deer fencing is satin black , unless you have chosen a different option.

Please note that all rails are delivered on site in 6m lengths.

Our standard fencing is available with either 4 or 5 fence rails and is commonly 4ft (1.2 metres) in height and has round top rails with an option of either round or flat lower rails.

Our standard estate fencing comes in a range of heights and number of rails:

– 1.4 metres high with 6 rails

– 1.2 metres high with 5 rails

– 1.2 metres high with 4 rails

– 1 metre high with 5 rails

– 1 metre high with 4 rails

Our deer fencing is higher than our traditional estate fencing to prevent deer access. Our most popular deer fencing heights range from 1.6 to 2 metres, but it will depend on the type of deer you wish to contain or keep off your premises.

Our deer fencing comes in a range of heights and number of rails:

– 1.6 metres high with 7 rails

– 1.8 metres high with 8 rails

– 2 metres high with 9 rails

We can add or reduce rail quantities if required.

Many of our products are made to measure in line with the specifications we receive from our customers, therefore we advise you to get in touch, so we can provide a quote in line with your requirements.

Installation Details for Steel Weave Products

Our steel weave fencing is made using mild steel, which when exposed to the elements is capable of weathering to a wonderful, natural golden patina – this is the option that most customers prefer, however, they can also be painted.

Our fencing is installed on site and welded together for maximum strength and durability.

Round steel pins are knocked into the ground at 600mm intervals with weave strips interwoven between each one.

Our fence height can start from 100mm high to 2.5m depending on your requirements.

Most of our steel weave is left untreated to naturally form a golden, weathered patina. However, we’re also able to supply and install our mild steel weave painted, galvanised or in stainless steel.

Installation Details for Steel Edging

Although we offer a self-installation steel edging product, we also supply and install steel edging for our customers too.

Our metal edging is usually made of mild steel (although we can also produce corten steel edging too) and is most popular in either 100m or 150mm deep, with a thickness of 3mm or 5mm. We can also fabricate and install bespoke depths and thicknesses if required. 

All steel edging is welded to 16mm round steel pins, hammered 2ft in the ground, at 600mm to 1 metre intervals along the edging. 

We choose to weld and use longer pins at shorter intervals for maximum structural integrity and longevity. All of the edging will arrive in six metre lengths with every joint welded together with a steel plate. 

All joining plates and pins will be lower than the finish height so will not be visible beneath gravel or grass. The edging can also act as a strong retainer for any stone built up for driveways and/or paths whilst maintaining a decorative fine edge border. 

We recommend at least 150mm depth x 5mm thick edging for driveways and at least 100m depth x 5mm or 3mm thick edging for garden paths/flower beds borders. We’ll offer a more accurate quote based on each project specification.

Our customer’s usually request that their edging is left to weather a golden patina, although our edging can be painted if required.

Should you choose this option, the product will arrive painted with a primer undercoat and then top coated with a satin finish once installed. In addition to our mild steel edging we also supply galvanised and stainless steel edging.

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