Deer Fencing

At Steel Landscaping Co., we provide a deer fencing installation service that is designed to provide a secure, strong, and unobtrusive solution to deer entering your premises. With multiple options of height and rail quantities, and installed with UK fabricated steel, it is the most structurally sound and highest quality deer fencing in the country.

The Importance of Deer Fencing in the UK

There are six species of deer around the UK, all of which are wonderful and majestic to watch. Unfortunately, they are voracious feeders and can become a nuisance when they decimate flower beds, damage trees, and destroy saplings. 

This is especially true of Roe and Muntjac, who have even been known to visit gardens to feed, destroying plants and flowers and vital habitats in the process.

As with our estate fencing, deer fencing is an investment to your property, with all our steel fabricated here in the UK, made from the highest quality solid steel with the guarantee it will last a lifetime.


Deer Fencing Solutions

Deer fencing is not just reserved for deer parks, it’s also ideal for properties in the country that want to stop wild deer from accessing their private gardens and land.

At Steel Landscaping Co., the deer fencing we create is made to the same exacting specifications as our standard estate fencing, the main difference is the height. Deer fences are taller than traditional estate fencing to deter and stop deer from jumping over.

Along with our deer fencing, we offer matching steel gates and tree guards to protect your estate further.

Our Commitment as Deer Fencing Installers

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in supplying and installing deer fencing for stately homes, building contractors, homeowners, landscape architects and garden designers. We are committed to providing a professional service right from the moment you begin working with us, from the initial design stage through to installation

We will always act with integrity and care when it comes to our client’s unique needs; consistently thinking about the bigger picture to provide personalised, clear, and considered advice across all our products. 

Our deer fencing is timeless, creating a stunning focal point in your field or garden. It fits into most environments and can be installed on flat or on uneven ground, naturally following the contours of your land, complimenting your property and its surroundings whilst enhancing the aesthetics of any area the fencing is located in. 

Whether you want clean straight lines or sweeping curves, our deer fencing can provide the look you desire. What’s more, deer fences can be finished in an array of ways to suit your property and land.

Deer Fencing by Mud Field
Deer Gate attached to building over path

Choosing the right Deer Fencing Installer for your property

When it comes to protecting your garden or property from deer and other wildlife, choosing the right deer fencing installer is crucial. At Steel Landscaping Co., we pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment to providing high-quality deer fencing solutions.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges that come with deer fencing installation. We take into account various factors such as the topography of your land, the local deer population, and your specific needs and preferences.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your property, followed by a detailed plan that outlines the design, materials, and installation process. Our goal is to provide a deer fencing solution that not only effectively keeps deer out, but also blends seamlessly with your landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

We use high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to weather conditions, ensuring that your deer fence stands strong for years to come. Our installation process is meticulous and efficient, minimising disruption to your daily routine.

Choosing the right deer fencing installer means peace of mind knowing that your garden or property is protected. 

Deer Fence Installation

Our specialist teams have years of experience installing both automated and manual deer fences across the UK. They will work closely with you to ensure that your elegant new deer fence meets your exact specifications. Get in touch today to request a quote on installation.

Deer Fencing in Woodland

Why our Metal Deer Fencing is the right choice for you

  • Custom-Made: Our metal deer fencing is fabricated to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your property.
  • Elegant and Durable: The fences are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also built to last for decades.
  • Reputation: We are well-known across the UK for supplying high-quality, durable fences and other steel products.
  • Automated and Multi-Functional: Our gates can be automated for your convenience and are suitable for a range of properties.
  • Security: The robustness of our fences provides added security. We can fabricate fences and gates with enhanced security features if required.
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite the high quality, we ensure our fencing and gates are competitively priced.
  • Property Value: Adding our timeless fencing can enhance the aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your property.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: We work closely with all clients to ensure that work is carried out to their specifications.

View our other steel products today

Through the Steel Landscaping Co. shop, you can find access to several steel products that will perfectly match your new gate! You can also download a brochure, and request a quote on our wider range, which includes Estate Fencing, Tree Guards, Gates, and more.

Get in touch today to discuss your deer fence requirements

If you’re considering installing a deer fence or if you have any questions about our services, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with personalised advice and guidance based on your specific needs and property layout.


Contact us today to discuss your deer fence requirements. We look forward to helping you protect your property and enhance its aesthetic appeal with our high-quality, durable, and elegant deer fencing solutions.

Deer Fencing FAQs

Our deer fencing is higher than our traditional estate fencing. Our most popular deer fencing ranges from 1.6 to 2 metres, but it will depend on the type of deer you wish to contain or keep off your premises.

Our specialist deer fencing is not only higher than our traditional estate Fencing it also contains more rails, reducing the gaps, as it is imperative that the fence does not only prevent the deer from leaping over the fence, but also stops them squeezing through or under the fence.

Our deer fencing comes in a range of heights and number of rails:

  • 1.6 metres high with 7 rails

  • 1.8 metres high with 8 rails

  • 2 metres high with 9 rails

We can add or reduce rail quantities if required.

Field, garden, and property entrances must also utilise deer-proof gates, since electric fences, such as that used to control livestock, are often ineffective against deer and may sustain damage should a deer attempt to run through it. 2.5mm high tensile galvanised lamb wire or 6mm round bar are an effective way to reduce our rail spacings further, as roe deer are able to squeeze through gaps as little as 30cm.

Our most popular fencing consists of a 20mm diameter round top rail with 16mm diameter round or 25mm x 6mm flat under rails. The spacings between each rail usually decrease towards the ground, unless stated otherwise.

All rails are delivered on site in 6 metre lengths and fed through 40mm x 8mm intermediate posts driven into the ground at approximately 1 metre intervals, with every 3rd post to include a welded on 150mm thrust plate which is set in a fast-setting concrete.

Yes, unless stated otherwise. Our most popular choice is our zinc phosphate satin black finish, however if you require another colour, simply supply a RAL number and we can spray your estate fencing with this instead. Alternatively, your estate fencing can be left untreated to turn a golden patina.

Our fencing arrives on site with a zinc phosphate black primer undercoat before a 100-micron minimum top coating, sprayed on site. All welds are chipped, wire brushed and primed before final spray.

For structural integrity, helping give more rigidity to your fence as well as enhancing aesthetics, we supply 76mm round or square end posts with different types of finials for on top.

Whilst 76mm is the most popular, we can also supply smaller or larger size end posts for your fence line.

We use the same end posts for our corner posts, providing a structural and decorative point for when your fence changes a sharp angle such as 90-degrees.

All our end/corner posts are concreted a minimum of 2ft in the ground with each rail welded on to them.

Bespoke Design and Fabrication

Alongside Bespoke Deer Fencing, we also offer a wider Bespoke Design service, which allows you to design gates that are unique to you and your estate. From there, our team of skilled fabricators will build each piece at our fabrication unit based in Leicestershire.


Find out more about our Bespoke Design and Fabrication below.

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