Supply Only Gates

At Steel Landscaping Co., we offer a range of premium-quality supply-only metal gates,
available for self-installation. Our expertly crafted gates can be shipped to locations across the UK.

Our most popular size gates are listed below, however we can fabricate other sizes to fit your requirements. Whether you need a gate between existing pillars or posts or you have a certain width required for your driveway, we can fabricate it.

In addition if you have your own bespoke gate design that isn’t included in our designs below, then we can happily replicate this.

How We Can Help You

We offer a wide range of estate gates nationwide, built in our fabrication unit with bespoke designs available on request.

Whether you are looking for a traditional field gate, grand entrance gates, contemporary designs, ornate or heavy duty, we will be able to provide step-by-step guidance to ensure you find your perfect gate.

We also offer a full design specification drawing with each gate design, so you know exactly which gate to purchase to fit your space and meet your requirements.


Why Choose Our Supply Only Gates?

Fabricated in the UK: All of our products are fabricated in our Leicestershire unit.

Sourced from Net-Zero committed partners: All of our steel products are made from materials sourced from production partners who are committed to the Corporate Net-Zero Standard.

We use only the finest steel: Both our Mild Steel and CorTen Steel are available for your supply-only gates to give you a range of long-lasting and durable steel types.

Rapid Shipments: At Steel Landscaping Co., we always aim to deliver your product within 14 days of receiving your order, no matter where you are in the UK.

Residential pedestrian gate

Gate Designs

Suffolk Gate
Suffolk Gate
Corriedale Gate
Corriedale Gate
Herdwick Kissing Gate
Hampshire Gate
Herdwick Gate
Herdwick Gate
Romney Gate
Romney Gate
The Charollais
The Charollais

Height & Width Options

Height Options 

– 1m/3ft2″
– 1.2m/4ft 
– 1.4m/4ft6″  
– 1.6m/5ft2″
– 1.8m/6ft

Width Options 

– 900mm/3ft wide OR Kissing Gate
– 1.2m/4ft wide
– 1.5m/5ft wide 
– 1.8m/6ft
– 2.1m/7ft
– 2.4m/8ft
– 3m/10ft 
– 3.6m/12ft

Height Options 

– 1m/3ft2″
– 1.2m/4ft 
– 1.4m/4ft6″  
– 1.6m/5ft2″
– 1.8m/6ft

Width Options 

– 900mm/3ft wide: Total 1.8m/6ft 
– 1.2m/4ft wide: Total 2.4m/8ft 
– 1.5m/5ft wide: Total 3m/10ft
– 1.8m/6ft wide: Total 3.6m/12ft 
– 2.1m/7ft: Total – 4.2m/14ft 
– 2.4m/8ft: Total 4.8m/16ft 

Gate Tops

Heavy Duty Scrolls
Ornamental Scrolls
Shepherd Crook
No Tops

Gate Post Sizes

900mm/5ft – 1.5m/5ft wide – 70mm square or 76mm round posts. 
1.8m/6ft – 2.4m/8ft wide – 100mm square or 115mm round posts.
3m/10ft – 3.6m/12ft wide – 120mm square or 115mm round posts. 

1.8m/6ft – 3m/10ft wide – 70mm square or 76mm round posts.
3.6m/12ft – 100mm square or 115mm round posts.
4.2m/14ft – 4.8m/16ft – 120mm square or 115mm round posts. 

150mm square or 140mm round posts. (+£300 for pair)

Larger posts available on request. 

Gate Post Installation

Your gate posts will be delivered as a pair. For your hanging posts, welded on hinges and eye bolts are included.

Your clapping post will include a slot to slide your gate latch into.

900mm/3ft wide pedestrian gates – 600mm in the ground. 

1.2m/4ft to 2.7m/9ft wide gates – 800mm in the ground. 

3m/10ft+ wide gates – 1m in the ground. 

Same applies for pairs of gates.

All plates are 8mm thick with 4 x 12mm holes for anchor bolt fixings. (Anchor bolts excluded)

200mm x 200mm plates – 70mm square or 76mm round posts
200mm x 200mm plates – 100mm square or 115mm round posts
250mm x 250mm plates – 120mm square or 115mm round posts
300mm x 300mm plates – 150mm square or 140mm round posts

Gate Post Finials

Flat Top
Ball Top
Dome Top TBC
Cast Top
Plynth Top
Cone Top

Gate Catchers

Our gate catchers are a great way to prevent your gate from swinging or as a means to keep the gate open for vehicle access.

The post is extended enough to allow it to be concreted into the ground and is designed to catch the second rail up on your gate.

Steel Types

CorTen Steel

CorTen steel, known commonly as weathering steel, is a type of steel developed specifically for use in outdoor settings.

CorTen steel creates a natural protective patina when exposed to weathering elements, such as moisture and oxygenated air. This protective layer of rust colours the steel with a natural array of bronze and copper tones, making it a popular choice with landscapers.

Mild Steel

Mild steel is a type of steel identifiable by its low carbon content. The low carbon in this steel makes the metal more flexible and easy to weld, while also staying durable and hardy, especially at larger thicknesses.

How Will My Metal Gates Arrive?

We aim to deliver your goods to you within 14 days of accepting your order. We will do our best to fit our delivery schedule around your requirements. If you have a specific deadline, please get in touch with us.

We typically deliver goods using our own vehicles, and recommend you book an installation date after receiving your products. 

If access to your delivery address is restricted, please let us know when speaking to our team.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

Need Assistance? Have your Gates installed by the experts

At Steel Landscaping Co., we supply and install metal driveway, farm & field, estate, garden, and entrance gates to properties all over the UK. Our expert installation teams are on hand to assist you with installation today.

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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Bespoke Design and Fabrication

Alongside Supply Only Gates, we also offer a wider Bespoke Design service. This service allows you to design gates that are perfectly designed to meet your needs. From there, our team of skilled fabricators will build each piece at our fabrication unit based in Leicestershire.

Find out more about our Bespoke Design and Fabrication below.

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