Woven Steel Fencing and Gates

Our Woven Steel Fencing and Gates offers a stunning form of contemporary design that provides an instant transformation to your outside space. With quality steel and UK fabricated, its longevity and structural integrity are an update on the classic, traditional willow, or hazel fencing.

Our Woven Steel Fencing

Our steel weave for fencing and retaining banks has been manufactured to offer a contemporary update on the classic, traditional willow fencing. It’s still a unique product in the UK, that we are driving to push forward so our clients can experience the major benefits that this product can bring to your garden, boundary line or commercial premises.

We have installed countless projects across the Nation, whether steel woven fencing, steel woven retaining banks, free-standing sculptures and screens, we have outstanding reviews and growing momentum with garden designers and architects.

Once installed, our steel weave does not only work as a practical, strong and flexible solution to your project, but it also creates an architectural piece of quality craftsmanship that will enhance its surroundings creating a mesmerising focal point and backdrop for plants and trees.

Steel Weave Fencing Installation

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in supplying and installing steel weave for stately homes, building contractors, homeowners, landscape architects and garden designers. 

We are committed to providing a professional service right from the moment you begin working with us, from the initial design stage through to installation

Furthermore, we will always act with integrity and care when it comes to our clients’ unique needs; consistently thinking about the bigger picture to provide personalised, clear, and considered advice across all our products.

Unlike fence panels, our weave can naturally follow the contours of your land and can be installed on flat or on uneven ground, complimenting your property and its surroundings with no step-ups required. Whether you want clean straight lines or sweeping curves, our steel weave can provide the look you desire.

Steel Weave Gates

Woven steel gates have proved to be so popular that our fabrication team have also manufactured steel gates and other products that follow a similar weave pattern, with exquisite detail and exceptional beauty. We can supply and install any height or width, single or pairs of gates. Each gate includes a lockable sliding latch.

The Benefits of Woven Steel Fencing

Our woven steel products have proved to be incredibly popular, and our fences, in particular, hold many advantages over willow and hazel fencing.


Once exposed to the elements, unlike willow fencing which will rot and deteriorate over time, a steel fence will soon take on a natural patina of golden browns, which will bring an organic maturity to the scenery and a focal point for beautiful blooms of flowers and foliage.


Our weave fencing is constructed entirely of steel; a material renowned for standing the test of time, so you can enjoy a unique piece of architecture in your garden for many years to come.

No Maintenance

Unlike willow and hazel fencing, which would require upkeep to extend its lifespan, our steel weave products can be left to the elements to weather and mature naturally. In fact, we advise against any form of paint or coating to ensure the steel can maintain its natural appeal.


Steel is naturally strong, and exceptionally versatile, allowing it to be used for multiple applications and is resistant to rot. This means it is suitable for a variety of applications from woven steel fencing and gates, to raised flower beds and freestanding privacy screens.

Financial Investment

If you commit to investing in our Steel Weave, you are guaranteed endless years of a stunning, architectural fence line that would be more cost-effective than willow or hazel fencing long-term.

Please contact our team to discuss your steel weave options as we advise a site visit to ensure that we provide a comprehensive assessment of the project to provide an accurate quote.

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Steel Weave FAQs

We install our steel woven fencing by driving in steel pins into the ground at 600mm intervals, with our steep strips interwoven between each one to create the weave.

Our steel strips are woven in 6-metre lengths with the joints overlapped, clamped and welded for maximum structural integrity and creating a seamless finish which is crucial with this product.

Our fence height can start from 100mm high to 2.5m depending on our clients’ requirements.

Our most popular steel weave strip depth is 50mm, however you can go down to 30mm or up to as large as 150mm.

For structural integrity, helping give more rigidity to your fence as well as enhancing aesthetics, we supply 76mm round or square end posts with different types of finials for on top.

Whilst 76mm is the most popular, we can also supply smaller or larger size end posts for your fence line. We use the same end posts for our corner posts, providing a structural and decorative point for when your fence changes a sharp angle such as 90-degrees.

All our end/corner posts are concreted a minimum of 2ft in the ground with each rail welded on to them.

Most of our steel weave is left untreated, left to naturally form a golden, weathered patina, however we can also supply and install our mild steel weave painted, galvanised or in stainless steel.

Our Woven Steel Fencing is designed to last for decades, thanks to the high-quality CorTen or Mild Steel used in its production.

Our Other Steel Products

If you’re interested in seeing what other products we have to offer, download our brochure or browse our range of steel railings, steel weave raised beds, and metal garden gates. Alternatively, get in touch with our team today to discover how we can help enhance your outdoor space.

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