Traditional Steel Gates

We offer supply only gates as well as specialist installation across the country whether your gates are for manual use or require automation.

Metal gates can be an individual statement piece or follow the design of your traditional estate fencing.

As we design and build gates to your specifications, the options are almost endless. Whether you require an ornate metal gate for your garden or driveway, or you’re looking for a robust gate for your commercial property or agricultural space, we can help.

With years of experience in the industry, we’re able to guide you through the design process and the finishing options to ensure the steel gates we create for you are in keeping with the style of your property and estate while fulfilling all your needs.

Bespoke Gate Design for the Gold Award Winning Garden at RHS Malvern 2023

Choosing the right gate for your property

No matter whether you choose an intricately designed gate, a traditional gate or something more modern, you can rest assured that our steel gates are made to last. They are extremely strong and low maintenance.

We can design gates for stately homes, prestigious offices and public institutions. We understand that a gate leading to a property will leave a lasting impression, which is why opting for steel is a great choice as it can easily be moulded to any design.

In addition to entrance gates, we supply steel pedestrian gates, kissing gates and field gates. Our gates can include decorative features such as scrolls and bow tops with gate posts included. The gate posts can be square or round, we also are able to work closely with you to create more bespoke designs.

Finish options:

  • Bare metal (left to rust)
  • Primed and top coated
  • Powder coated
  • Galvanised
  • Galvanised & painted

Gate Designs

All our gates can have any of our gate toppers added, including ornamental scrolls, heavy-duty scrolls or shepherd crooks and are included within the price.

Suffolk Gate
Suffolk Gate
Corriedale Gate
Corriedale Gate
Herdwick Kissing Gate
Herdwick Kissing Gate
Hampshire Gate
Herdwick Gate
Herdwick Gate
Romney Gate
Romney Gate
The Charollais
The Charollais

Gate Tops

Heavy Duty Scrolls
Ornamental Scrolls
Shepherd Crook
No Tops

Steel Gate Sizes

All our gates can be automated and are fabricated as a single or a pair of gates, in the following dimensions and styles. We also offer bespoke sizes too.

Width (1.2m/4ft High)

  • 900mm/3ft

  • 1.2m/4ft

  • 1.5m/5ft

  • 1.8m/6ft

  • 2.1m/7ft

  • 2.4m/8ft

  • 3m/10ft

  • 3.6m/12ft

  • 4.2/14ft

  • 4.8/16ft

Width (1.2m/4ft High)

  • 900mm/3ft (Total Width 1.8m/6ft)

  • 1.2m/4ft (Total Width 2.4m/8ft)

  • 1.5m/5ft (Total Width 3m/10ft)

  • 1.8m/6ft (Total Width 3.6m/12ft)

  • 2.1m/7ft (Total Width 4.2m/14ft)

  • 2.4m/8ft (Total Width 4.8m/16ft)

  • 3m/10ft (Total Width 6m/20ft)

  • 3.6m/12ft (Total Width 7.2m/24ft)

  • 4.2/14ft (Total Width 8.4m/28ft)

  • 4.8/16ft (Total Width 9.6m/32ft)

Gate Tops & Posts

Our gates are made by our skilled fabrication team and can be supplied with a number of different finishes and with gate posts.

  • Round Posts

  • Square Posts

  • Ornamental Scrolls

  • Heavy Duty Scrolls

  • Shepherd Crooks

  • Ball Finials

  • Cone Tops


Please contact us for a quote. Our specialist teams have years of experience installing manual and automated gates across the UK and will accommodate all your requirements to create your stunning entrance. 

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