Steel Entrance Gates

Steel Entrance Gates are the finishing touch that may compliment a stretch of elegant traditional estate fencing or provide a standalone statement piece at the entrance of your property. With the array of options available for finishes, sizes, posts, and tops, the customisation options available for your entrance gates are nearly endless. Whether you prefer a more traditional, ornate style of gate or a modern finish to your entryway, Steel Landscaping Co. can help you with every step along the way. With years of industry experience under our belts, we can guarantee that your entrance gate will be expertly crafted with the utmost care.

Metal Entrance Gates designed and fabricated in the UK

Our Metal Entrance Gates have great potential as a stunning centrepiece to your property, or if consistency is key, they can follow the designs of your pre-existing steel fencing or deer fencing.

As a leading UK fabricator and installer of Steel Entrance Gates we ensure that no matter if you require an estate, entrance, pedestrian, field, or driveway gate, they each fit seamlessly alongside your current fencing or masonry.

We include a range of finishes for all Bespoke Metal Gates created at our fabrication workshops. These include untreated (left to weather), painted (primed and top coated), or galvanised. As well as our expert fabrication team based in Leicestershire, we also have teams nationwide that deliver and install gates directly, so a smooth installation is ensured every time.

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Why Choose Our Entrance Gates?

  • Built to Last: Each entrance gate is built with the finest steel that boasts superior weather protection. Alongside being resistant to the elements, these gates will also remain functional and attractive with minimal upkeep.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Does your property have a particular look or feel to it? We can fabricate our entrance gates to meet your aesthetic. With a range of different finishes and decorative tops, each gate can feel like its own centrepiece, or blend in perfectly with the surrounding masonry or fencing.
  • Customer Satisfaction: For us, customer service and satisfaction are absolutely vital. We do this by only offering the best products and services while ensuring that you are happy with your purchase from start to finish. Our gates also come with a warranty, to provide true peace of mind on your investment.
  • Valuable Investment: Our gates are a long-term feature that will be functional for decades. By installing one of our highly durable and attractive steel gates, you may also increase the appeal and value of your property.

Supply-only steel entrance gates for self-installation

Ideal if you already have a contractor, our supply-only selection of entrance gates comes ready to install. Each gate is fabricated to your design specifications and delivered directly to you.

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Choosing the right entrance gate for your property

Whether your entryway is for car access, containing livestock, or for a pedestrian walkway, our metal entrance gates require little upkeep and will last for decades.

We offer a range of different gate designs to suit your needs, as well as stunning decorative features that enhance the aesthetic of your new entrance gate even further. If you have your own bespoke gate design, our in-house fabrication team will be happy to try to replicate this to maintain the overall look of your property.

Metal Gate Designs

Our Steel Entrance Gates come with a range of forms and functionalities, so you find the ideal gate for your project. Our designs include:

Suffolk Gate
Suffolk Gate
Corriedale Gate
Corriedale Gate
Herdwick Kissing Gate
Herdwick Kissing Gate
Hampshire Gate
Herdwick Gate
Herdwick Gate
Romney Gate
Romney Gate
The Charollais
The Charollais

Gate Tops

Heavy Duty Scrolls
Ornamental Scrolls
Shepherd Crook
No Tops

Steel Entrance Gate Sizes & Features

To really make your gate your own, all features can be customised to be one of our preset options or a bespoke design depending on your preference. 

All of our gates are fabricated, either singular gates or in a pair, in one of the following sizes. If require a bespoke size, get in touch with our team today.

Width (1.2m/4ft High)

  • 900mm/3ft

  • 1.2m/4ft

  • 1.5m/5ft

  • 1.8m/6ft

  • 2.1m/7ft

  • 2.4m/8ft

  • 3m/10ft

  • 3.6m/12ft

  • 4.2/14ft

  • 4.8/16ft

Width (1.2m/4ft High)

  • 900mm/3ft (Total Width 1.8m/6ft)

  • 1.2m/4ft (Total Width 2.4m/8ft)

  • 1.5m/5ft (Total Width 3m/10ft)

  • 1.8m/6ft (Total Width 3.6m/12ft)

  • 2.1m/7ft (Total Width 4.2m/14ft)

  • 2.4m/8ft (Total Width 4.8m/16ft)

  • 3m/10ft (Total Width 6m/20ft)

  • 3.6m/12ft (Total Width 7.2m/24ft)

  • 4.2/14ft (Total Width 8.4m/28ft)

  • 4.8/16ft (Total Width 9.6m/32ft)

Gate Tops & Posts

Make your gate stand out even further with our unique selection of tops and posts:

  • Round Posts

  • Square Posts

  • Ornamental Scrolls

  • Heavy Duty Scrolls

  • Shepherd Crooks

  • Ball Finials

  • Cone Tops

The Perfect Finish for your Steel Entrance Gate

No matter which gate you choose, the right finish can completely change the overall look. Whether you prefer a more traditional galvanised gate, or a pop of colour with a painted finish, there are plenty of options for you to pick from. 

  • Bare metal (left to rust)
  • Primed and top coated
  • Powder coated
  • Galvanised
  • Galvanised & painted

Entrance Gate Installation

To get your steel entrance gate expertly fitted, contact us today. With expert teams based all around the UK, we can accommodate any and all requirements.

Entrance Gates FAQs

When installing a garden or driveway gate, you will need to seek planning permission from your local authority if your gate or fence:

  • Exceeds 1.8 metres in height if adjacent to a busy roadway or highway footpath.
  • Is over 2 metres in height anywhere else

The overall width of your entrance gate can depend on its purpose. For example, if you will only need to fit people and most types of push mowers, then a gate approximately 4 feet wide will work. If you want to fit most types of riding mowers, then approximately 5 or 6 feet. 

To fit most types of vehicles, then a gate around 10 feet wide would be most suitable. To fit larger vehicle types, such as larger farming equipment and trailers, then your gate should be 12 feet or larger in width.

Though they both serve their own purposes, if you want a sturdy gate that will stay in place for years, then the steel gate is a better choice.

Compared to wooden gates, which can begin to change colour and deteriorate within a matter of weeks after initial installation, steel gates are much hardier and typically last around 15 to 20 years. This number may fluctuate, however, depending on the conditions the gate is exposed to and the type of steel the gate is made from.

Though they may be heavier, a well-fitted steel gate will not sag over time. Thanks to our team of devoted experts based all across the country, your bespoke entrance gate will be fitted to last.

The Full Range at Steel Landscaping Co.

Steel Landscaping Co. are the premier provider of a wide range of bespoke fabricated products. From tree guards and edging to expertly installed estate fencing, view our full range today to see more ways to enhance your outside areas. For a broader look at our products and service, be sure to view our Brochure.

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Bespoke Design and Fabrication

Our Bespoke Design service is ideal for more than just gates! We also work with pergolas and arches, tree guards, railings and more to help you maintain the overall look of your property. With designs in hand, our team of skilled fabricators will handcraft each item to your specifications from our unit in Leicestershire.

Find out more about our Bespoke Design and Fabrication below.

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