Steel Gravel Edging

Steel gravel edging offers a sleek and durable finish to driveways, gardens and pathways. Our gravel edging creates crisp straight lines or sweeping curves, whilst helping contain the gravel. Our steel edging is fabricated in the UK, using only the highest quality of steel, and can be purchased for supply only or can be installed by one of our expert teams.

Have your Steel Gravel Edging installed by our expert team

Should you choose to have your gravel edging installed by one of our teams, we ensure a timely installation and expert finish. Every piece of your gravel edging will be welded and installed on-site to provide a seamless finish and stunning look to your outdoor space.

Steel Gravel Edging separating flower bed and path
Steel Gravel Edging curving around flower bed

Supply-Only Gravel Edging

At Steel Landscaping Co., we also provide Self-installed Driveway Edging, to offer you the freedom to fit and install your own edging.


When purchasing self-installed edging, you will be provided with a slightly different edging than the edging our teams receive. This edging is unique, in that instead of welding, it can be connected seamlessly through a tube and brace connector system. This is to allow the kit to be installed with only basic tools. 


For further details on installation, please request an installation guide.

Types of Steel Gravel Edging

Our steel edging is available in a variety of heights and widths to meet the specific needs of your garden.

Available Heights:

100 mm

150 mm

200 mm

300 mm

400 mm +

Available Widths:

We recommend a minimum of 5 mm thick edging for your driveway.

3 mm

5 mm

6 mm

Steel Gravel Edging marking path up to home
Steel Gravel Edging running up path alongside pristine hedges

What are the Advantages of Metal Gravel Edging?

High-quality gravel edging will give you with a wide range of advantages for fully enhancing your outdoor space.


Our bespoke steel gravel edging is highly durable. It will last for decades, under various weather and environmental conditions.


Whether it be used as a structural retainer, or just to give your land the right finishing touch, steel gravel edging is designed to be strong and sturdy under the weight of garden machinery.


As a flexible material, our steel can easily fit the complex curves and rigid straight lines of your garden during installation.


As well as high durability, the many finishes that steel can offer make it much more aesthetically pleasing in a wider range of settings.


The welded finishings of steel gravel edging not only allow it to be strong, but also easy on the eye, with the welds being hidden and almost invisible.

What finishes are available for my gravel edging?

At Steel Landscaping Co. we offer two finishing options for our gravel edging, these are Mild and CorTen steel. In addition to this, we also offer painted and galvanised edging. For further information and advice on this, please contact our team today.

Mild Steel

Mild Steel, sometimes also known as plain-carbon steel, is a versatile, easy-to-weld material. Due to its low carbon content, mild steel is much more flexible and malleable, making it much easier to work with when welding and fitting.

Mild Steel also evolves to have a stunning golden patina, too.

CorTen Steel

CorTen steel is a hardy material that boasts unique weathering properties.

When exposed to moisture and air, this steel naturally begins to rust and form a protective layer that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

The newly formed patina will turn the steel hues of copper, rust, and bronze, while protecting the material from harmful environmental factors.

Thanks to this, CorTen steel is a low-maintenance material and will last much longer than other products on the market.

Steel Gravel Edging creating path at sunset
Steel Gravel Edging running along path

How do I measure my driveway for the installation of my gravel edging?

There are a couple of different ways for you to measure your driveway at home. The first is to simply approach it with a tape measure. This method works perfectly if your driveway is a generalised shape, such as a rectangle or square.

If the area you are measuring has a curve, you can lay a rope along the curve to get a proper measurement of the length of the curve.

For more information on installing your edging, view our installation guide today.

Looking for more edging or other steel products?

At Steel Landscaping Co., we offer a wide range of Steel Products available for purchase through our online shop. You can also learn more about our Estate Fencing, Steel Gates, Tree Guards and more by visiting our shop or downloading our brochure.

Steel Lawn Edging FAQs

Metal edging is the best solution for edging your flower beds. Its strength and durability make metal edging a long-term viable investment that lasts a lifetime.

Mild and CorTen steel are perfect for path edging and garden beds, developing a copper patina through weathering over time, which naturally blends into your garden.

Your steel garden edging will last for decades. The thickness of steel you choose will also have an impact on the durability of your edging.

Correctly installed steel edging will be equipped at a lower height than your lawn, which means there will be no issues when cutting your grass.

Anytime from a few weeks to 4 months, your edging will develop a golden patina. However, the patina on CorTen steel helps prevent corrosion, and your edging will preserve its tensile strength.

The answer to this question depends on how much protrusion above the soil you require. It is recommended that the metal edging is 50-75mm below grade. This is to ensure maximum stability, and also contains grass roots.

Bespoke Design and Fabrication

In addition to our steel products, we offer a Bespoke Design service that offers you the opportunity to create an exclusive steel product for your garden. During the process, we produce a 3D image of the product, including all the technical details, to meet your requirements. 

This ensures that you’re happy with the bespoke design before it is manufactured by a team of skilled steel fabricators at our fabrication unit in Leicestershire.

Click on the links below to find out more about our Bespoke Design and Fabrication.

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