Supply-Only Preformed Estate Fencing Panels

Incredible durability and easy installation make these Estate Fencing Panels an excellent substitute for our Traditional welded Estate Fencing.

Our Preformed Estate Fencing Panels

Our highest-quality supply-only preformed estate fencing is an identical product to the Traditional Steel Estate Fencing installed by our specialist teams across the UK. It can be supplied in both kit form to weld on-site for continuous traditional estate fencing or panel form where no welding is required with simple bolt-together panels. 

All our supply-only estate fencing, like each of our unique steel products, is manufactured in our UK fabrication unit and can be fully bespoke to meet your requirements.

Steel estate fencing in a garden.
Stacked Panel Fencing

Purchase our easy-to-install metal fencing

Our easy-to-install metal fencing panel kit is a simple way to introduce our stunning estate fencing without having to weld. All our panels are delivered in 2 metre panels with a simple bolt-together system for easy installation. For additional strength, each one of our intermediate posts is extended 600mm to concrete in the ground. 

Please note – These panels are suitable for flat ground only, not slopes or step-downs. For slopes or step-down fence lines, our continuous fencing would be more suitable.  

All our panels are supplied with bolts for fixing.

1. Take note of how many metres you require

Understanding how much panel fencing you need is the first step in your purchase.

The minimum order requirements for our fencing is 30 meters.

2. Height and Quantity Specifications

Our most popular sizes are listed below to order; however, we can fabricate alternative estate fencing heights and rail quantities to fit your requirements. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase our bespoke estate fencing. 

Available Sizes:

  • 1m x 4 rails
  • 1m x 5 rails
  • 1.2m x 5 rails
  • 1.4m x 6 rails
  • 1.6m x 7 rails
  • 1.8m x 8 rails

All our standard panel fencing includes a 20mm solid round top rail and flat under rails, 25mm x 6mm. Other sizes are available upon request, including 25mm x 8mm flat under rails and round under rails.

Stacked panel fencing with no finish
Preformed Panel Fencing Preparation

3. Choose your Intermediate Posts

Option 1 – 40mm x 8mm (Most popular)

Option 2 – 40mm x 10mm (Horses)

Option 3 – 50mm x 12mm (Cattle)

4. Choose Your Post-Top Design

5. Pet and Livestock (Lamb) Proofing

Our most popular purchase is generally our 6mm ornate bar or 2.5mm high tensile wire between the bottom 2 rails if your pets are a medium size. This will usually prevent lambs from escaping too. Please refer back to our specification drawings to see the distance between each rail if uncertain. 

Please note that 6mm bar material is included and pre-welded into the panels. Holes will be drilled for the 2.5mm high tensile lamb wire, although wire is not included in the price.

6. Fence Fan Finisher

Our fence fan finisher is designed to create a feature point to the end of your estate fencing, an alternative to our standard end posts. Our fan to order is fabricated to extend out 90 degrees to meet your ground, however, if you require more of an angle if your land drops away, then please get in contact.

7. End/Corner Posts

Our end and corner posts are fabricated to have pre-welded nut fixings, so you can easily line up your panels and tighten your bolts. Please get in contact if you require end posts, corner posts, or bespoke angle corner posts, and we will fabricate them at no extra cost. 

All our end posts have an allowance for a minimum of 650mm to be concreted in the ground. 

Corner Posts

8. Choose End/Corner Post Top Design

9. Finishes

  • Bare metal (left to rust)
  • Painted
  • Galvanized

As we make your products to order, please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your fencing. 

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.



Spray Painting in Booth

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