Contemporary Steel Slatted Fencing

A unique and contemporary design to secure your garden perimeter.

Our UK fabricated, horizontal slatted steel fence panels offer a unique and contemporary design to secure your garden perimeter, providing privacy, whilst creating a stunning backdrop for your plants to grow. 

Our contemporary fence panels are designed to fit in to any space, with a flat pack assembly and quick installation, lifting and fixing heavy panels is no longer required. Our panels can also be made to any bespoke height or width depending on your project. 

After making an order, your slotted posts, steel slats and slat spacers arrive on a pallet, ready for yourself or a hired contractor to start straight away and build your eye-catching contemporary fence.  

How to Install Steel Slatter Fencing

Our steel contemporary slatted panels can be fabricated to your bespoke requirements, however our standard is 1.5m/5ft wide and includes height options of 900mm/3ft, 1.2m/4ft, 1.5m/ft & 1.8m/6ft.

Items Included: Steel posts, slats and steel spacers.

Tools Required: Digging spade, double digs, spade & gorilla tub (for mixing postcrete), lump hammer, pins & string line, tape measure and spirit levels.

Holes – Set up your line and mark where you post holes that need to be dug. Dig holes to a minimum of 600mm/2ft in depth.

Posts – Firstly, ensure you are on level ground, and then set your first post into the correct height, level and postcrete into the ground.

Make sure you have the correct post, for example an end slotted post for the end and a double slotted post for the middle if you’re installing more than one panel wide.

Once your first post is set, measure 1.5m from the inside of your post and set the next post in. Use a 6ft spirit level to make sure your posts are level across.

Slats & Spacers – Once your posts have set solid, slot your first slat from the top and slide it down the channel into place. Then add a spacer on both sides, on top of your first slat to create your gap. Add your next slat and repeat the process until your slats reach the top. 

Bespoke Options – We also offer the option of a double-sided fence panel for full privacy if required. Ball finials or similar can also be added to the tops of your posts. If you are on a hard stand, we also offer posts to be fixed to concrete pads with a steel plate and four fixing holes

Why our Contemporary Steel Fencing?


Simply level your posts at the correct width and slot in your steel slats followed by a rubber spacer until you reach the top – it’s really that simple.


Made from solid steel and available in Corten, galvanised and stainless steel, our contemporary slatted panels are built to last a lifetime with zero maintenance and will not rot like timber or degrade like plastic.


Unlike a standard timber fence panel, our slatted panels can be fully bespoke, going to any height and style required to screen or secure your garden perimeter and compliment your outdoor space.


Built to last up to ten times longer than your standard timber panel.


Our smart design is guaranteed to save you long-term costs, with your order delivered flat packed, the slats are separate from the posts for easy handling and haulage, particularly for projects where you only have access through a building, reducing the weight and in turn reducing carbon emissions.

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