We were approached by a landowner in the stunning location of Dartmouth, Devon, who wanted to fence off the boundaries of their land with estate fencing and gates.


Access to the property was especially tricky, as the only access we had was across a body of water between the dock on one side and the property across the water.

Although the landowner wished to fence off their land, they needed to ensure that the neighbours still had access to the water from the adjacent properties too.

What We Did

The trail from the water up to the house was far too narrow to get our trailer through. We contacted a local boat yard, where we had to forklift all of the materials onto a small ferry to transport them to the other side of the estuary. 

However, this also became a matter of timing as we had to judge the movement of the tide since the estuary was close to a large viaduct. 

Once all the materials were forklifted onto the ferry, we were able to transport everything across the estuary. Once on the side, we were required to move all of the materials and tools by hand through the woods and up to the house.

Although this was certainly one of the trickiest properties we’ve worked on from an access point of view, the overall installation went smoothly, although we had to be very mindful of property boundaries.

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