Stratford, Warwickshire


We were approached by a landowner in Stratford, Warwickshire, who was looking for a range of solutions for their property for both security and aesthetic purposes.


The landowner was most interested in estate fencing, gates and our brand new range of tree rings. 

However, since the yard was used frequently for access, we were asked to create a bespoke design for something that could keep the gates open during busy periods.

What We Did

Overall, the job went very well, and we installed more than 100m of estate fencing across the property. We also installed our brand new range of steel tree rings, which are embedded into the ground around the base of the tree to create a wonderful focal point. 

In this case, we applied bark chippings around the base of the tree to create a contrast to the greenery of the surrounding grass lawn.

We installed three gates across the property – two pairs, and one single. To keep the gates open we created a bespoke steel gate catch, which holds the gates open for convenience during busy periods.

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