Introducing the Brand New Steel Weave Raised Beds

During the first few months of 2023, we’ve been busy perfecting the design and installation concept for our brand-new product: steel weave raised beds.

We are now delighted to say the product has officially launched and is now available to order in multiple standard sizes and bespoke dimensions.

Each of our steel weave raised beds is crafted by hand to offer a completely different take on the standard raised bed products on the market by perfectly combining traditional techniques with contemporary design.

All of our products are designed to stand the test of time with no maintenance, and our steel weave beds are absolutely no different. 

Product Details

We have carefully honed the design and installation process of this product to ensure that it perfectly compliments an organic environment filled with flowers, fruits and vegetables and shrubbery too. 

No matter whether you’re a landscaper, contractor, professional gardener, or simply someone looking for something a little bit different for their outdoor space, this is the perfect product for you.

Although we do install these for our clients, we offer them in an intuitively designed self-installation system. Once you place an order for your chosen size and depth, they’ll arrive with numbered panels and pins, which are incredibly easy to install yourself.

How Do I Install My Steel Weave Raised Beds?

As standard our steel weave raised beds come in panels of 0.6m, 1.2m or 1.8m wide, in a range of depths, such as 200mm, 300mm and 400m.

Although these are our standard sizes, we do understand that all requirements will be different, which is why we offer a completely bespoke service; meaning we can manufacture any size that you need. 

What Tools Will I Need?
All you’ll need for standard assembly is a lump hammer to drive the pins into the slots between the panels to connect them.

Step 1: Interlock the Panels

Because our panel locking system is incredibly simple, you can realistically have your raised bed assembled in minutes. 

Each panel will be numbered so you know which are the straight connectors for extending the bed, and which are panels designed for each end to interlock on the corners.

Step 2: Slot the Pins

Once you have lined up and interlocked your panels, all you need to do is slot the round pins down through the tube connectors.

Ensure you do this on every tube connector to ensure that the bed is completely self-supported. As soon as each pin is slotted through, spend some time straightening and squaring up the bed to ensure each side is flush, before hammering each pin into the ground.

If you would prefer to install your raised bed on a hard surface, such as a patio, then you will need to drill a hole of 18mm into the concrete and resin the pins into the ground to ensure it remains sturdy.

You will also notice four shorter pins for each self-supporting corner where it’s not possible for a hammer to knock them into the ground. If you don’t need the full length of the pin, you will need to use an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc or a strong hacksaw.

Step 3: Apply Membrane & Fill

At this stage, we would recommend applying a layer of the membrane around the sides of the bed, before adding topsoil or compost.

The purpose of doing so is to prevent any of the soil from seeping out of the small pockets where the weave intertwines. Once you have done this and you have added your chosen soil, the bed is ready for the plants, herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables of your choice!

Why Choose Our Steel Weave Raised Beds?

Raised beds are typically found in garden centres or hardware shops, usually made with plastic or wood.

Steel offers a complete upgrade over both of these materials, for the following reasons:

Faster Installation

Unlike other DIY raised beds in plastic or timber, installing our steel raised beds takes mere minutes with the interlocking panel and pin design, reducing installation time by up to 75%.

Built to Last

Timber won’t last outdoors for a lifetime, and although plastic may last a while, we all know it brings about a range of environmental concerns and will still degrade over time.

Our steel beds are built to last a lifetime; they won’t rot or take weather like timber, and won’t damage the environment like the processes used to create plastic beds.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The interlocking panel system means that it is not only easy to build with a tidy frame around each of the panels, but the details of the weave are the focal point showcasing the smart and tidy design, which is both robust enough to withstand damage, and smooth at the edges to ensure it is completely family-friendly.

Save Costs

The beds are delivered in small panels for easy handling and haulage, which reduces the weight of the product and reduces the carbon footprint of having the product delivered. 

In addition, because this is a product that will offer a lifetime of reliable use, it means you do not need to spend to replace it, which is often the case with plastics and wood, which can weather and sustain damage.

If you’re interested in getting a steel weave raised bed of your own, then visit our steel weave raised beds page, for more information on our optional extras, pricing and delivery weights.

If you can’t see the size that you need, or you are looking for an additional bespoke product, please get in touch with the team and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

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