Jekka’s HerbFest 2023

We’re an official sponsor of the annual event that celebrates herbs in all their glory.

We’re incredibly proud to be an official sponsor and partner of Jekka’s HerbFest 2023. This three-day event running from Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July 2023, is a celebration of all things herbs.

The event is jam packed with engaging talks, practical workshops and hands-on demonstrations from Jekka McVicar herself, her team, and many guests gardeners, chefs and writers that share a passion for gardening and herbal medicines.

Who is Jekka McVicar?

Edward & Grace Powell with Jekka & Mac McVicar (right)

Jekka McVicar is the founder of Jekka’s, and is internationally recognised for her expertise in horticulture and in the planting, growth and use of a wide variety of both culinary and medicinal herbs. 

Over the years Jekka’s garden designs (based around herbs and sustainability) have been the recipient of an incredible 62 RHS Gold medals, including 14 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and a RHS Lawrence Medal for best exhibit at any RHS show in 2009.

Jekka list of credentials are as varied as they are impressive, and include:

  • RHS Vice President.

  • RHS Ambassador for Health & Wellbeing.

  • Vice President of the Herb Society UK.

  • Victoria Medal of Honour (2017).

  • Gardeners Media Guild Life Time Achievement Award. 

What’s On at HerbFest?

Jekka’s HerbFest hosted at Jekka’s herb farm in South Gloucestershire is set to be filled with events, experiences and talks from a range of renowned chefs, gardeners, herbalists and writers, such as Nathan Outlaw, Charles Dowding, Kate Durr, Sarah Eberle and dozens more.

Visitors will learn about their favourite herbs, their properties and their importance in our ecosystem, as well as the best ways to cook, eat, grow and maintain them.

During the event Jekka and her team are offering a range of guided tours around the farm, such as the bee and medicinal walk of Jekka’s Herbetum – the collection of more than 400 different herb species.

Visitors will also explore the newly created Jekka’s Herb Garden, which we were lucky enough to be able to contribute to during the building process.

Check out the itinerary for the full three days here:

Friday Progamme

Saturday Programme

Sunday Programme

Why is HerbFest Important?

Jekka’s is a family-run business, with an aim to inspire the sustainable growth and use of herbs in everyday living. HerbFest is a means to celebrate, educate and inspire people to think differently about where and how their food comes to their plate.

As a business, we share many core values with Jekka’s, which is why we’re proud to be a part of this fantastic event and jumped at the opportunity to provide our self-installation steel edging to the Herb Garden project.

Jekka and her family are incredibly passionate about gardening and the natural world, which is why they are amongst the leading authorities in their field in the UK

Their herb farm is also designed as a means to help protect a range of species of birds, insects, mammals and amphibians – the population’s of many of these are currently under serious pressure – and promote natural biodiversity. This is something visitors will learn more about during the event too.

If you’d like to learn more about us, interested in getting a quote or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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