Traditional Estate Fencing and Railings

Our traditional estate fencing and estate railings are fabricated in Leicestershire, and installed by our expert teams across the UK.

The Estate Fencing Specialists

Steel Landscaping Co. are the specialists in estate fencing and railings with our planet’s future in mind. We source all of our steel from steel production partners committed to net-zero, and then fabricate, supply, and install across the UK for a minimal carbon footprint.

We proudly work with:

Land Owners


Building Contractors

English Heritage

The National Trust

Country Estates


Landscape Architects 

Garden Designers

To provide a professional service right from the initial design stage through to installation.

Furthermore, we will always act with integrity and care when it comes to our clients’ unique needs; constantly thinking about the bigger picture to provide personalised, clear and considered advice across all our products.

A member of our installation team welding Estate Fencing
Close up of a member of our team welding Estate Fencing
Members of our installation team welding Estate Fencing on-site.
Angle from above Estate Fencing as it curves down a lush green field
Shropshire Estate Fencing curving down a green grassy field.

A Modern Take on Traditional Estate Fencing

Our estate fencing is timeless, and creates a stunning focal point for your field or garden. 

It fits neatly into many environments and can be installed on flat or uneven ground, naturally following the contours of your land. The sleek lines compliment your property and its surroundings, enhancing the look of any area where it is installed.

We offer modern and traditional looks through a range of finishes, including:

Bare metal (left to rust)

Primed and top-coated


Galvanised & painted

Please contact our team to discuss your estate fencing options, as we advise a site visit to ensure that we provide a comprehensive assessment of the project to provide an accurate quote.

Our Estate Fencing Range

All our estate fencing ranges are installed on-site, welded and painted to ensure it has exceptional strength and stands the test of time. All prices quoted include the steel, installation, and painting.

Shropshire Estate Fencing curving around in front of ahouse
Curving Estate Fencing and Gate




This fence is 1.2 metres high (4ft) with 1 metre between intermediate posts, every third intermediate post includes a welded on 150mm thrust plate post-creted in the ground.

It has a 20mm solid round top rail and four lower flat rails of 25mm x 6mm. Depending upon your requirements we can supply this fence with flat or round lower rails.

Our Shropshire Fencing is our most popular fencing and is used by land owners, country estates and building contracts throughout the country.

It is robust and being slightly higher than our Hampshire Down fencing provides a real statement piece and a traditional long-lasting solution to creating boundaries in your land.


This fence is 1 metre high with 1 metre between intermediate posts, every third intermediate post includes a welded on 150mm thrust plate post-creted in the ground.

It has a 20mm solid round top rail and three lower rails of 25 mm x 6mm flat. Depending upon your requirements we can supply this fence with flat or round lower rails.

Our Hampshire Down Fencing is slightly lower than our Shropshire Fencing and is commonly used on commercial projects, country estates and to separate gardens whilst not spoiling the view.

Hampshire Down Estate Fencing and gate along pebble path towards a residence
Hampshire Down Estate Fencing and Gate
Shetland Estate Fencing with wire and a herd of cows on the other side
Shetland Estate Fencing


Our Shetland Fencing is our most robust fencing and is an excellent solution when you require a fence to withstand heavy livestock. 

Heights and Rail Widths

This fence is 1.2 or 1.4 metres high with 1 metre between intermediate posts with 150mm thrust plates welded onto each post to give the fence maximum structural integrity. 

A key difference with our Shetland Fencing is the top rail is made of 20mm round rail and four lower rails of 25mm x 8mm. This provides the additional strength to ensure it can withstand the weight of large cattle and lively horses. 

To further strengthen the fence for livestock such as Highland cattle we can also supply and install our fencing with 20mm round rail and 16mm round under rails.


Our 7, 8, or 9-rail Deer Fencing is also available where deer populations need to be protected and controlled. These fences are available in 1.6, 1.8, and 2 metre heights.

We also offer matching steel gates for our traditional estate fencing to complete the overall look of your property and land.

In addition to our standard fencing, we can fabricate and install any type of bespoke fencing to suit your requirements.

Deer Fencing running by home
Deer Fencing

Estate Fencing Installation

Our continuous estate fencing is of the highest quality, with no clips or bolts.

We weld every rail, and every metre, offering the maximum structural integrity whilst providing seamless joints, so our fencing naturally flows with any land at any gradient.

How is Steel Estate Fencing Installed?

The installation of your fencing can be broken down into sections:

  • Area planning and setting out
  • Knocking in intermediate fence posts every metre
  • Feeding 6-metre rails through the intermediate posts,
  • Welding
  • Finishing touches such as chipping and wire brushing the welds, priming each weld and spray-painting the fence line with a topcoat (if required)

Finishing Options


Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Left to weather, a golden patina naturally occurs that fits well with the countryside. This finish option requires no maintenance.


Spray-painted with a zinc phosphate primer and topcoat. We use a 100-micron minimum coating.

A small tin of topcoat for touching up is supplied alongside the delivery.

Fences are painted black as standard, although other colour options are available – please specify a RAL number when ordering.


Steel is hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 standards.

No maintenance is required.

A T-Wash option (lead effect) is available on request.

Galvanised & Painted

Steel is hot dipped galvanised, acid etch primed, and spray-painted using a zinc phosphate primer and top-coated. We use a 100-micron minimum coating.

Estate Fencing running along a road under cloudy blue skies
Deer Fencing on a grassy field curving past a road.
Estate Fencing running past a greenhouse
Shetland Estate Fencing running by greenhouse.

Why Choose Us For Your Metal Estate Fencing?

  • Our fences are built to last a lifetime.
  • Steel fencing defines barriers and looks elegant.
  • We source our steel from producers with net-zero goals.
  • Our fencing is more durable than other types, such as wood.
  • We price our fencing competitively.
  • Our team can offer bespoke fencing options.
  • Installation is handled completely by our professional welders.
  • Our fencing suits farms, estates, residential areas, and more.
  • Animals and other livestock can be contained within our fencing.
  • We are known across the UK for our quality and outstanding service.

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Great job on my new fence. Better than I would ever imagined. Workmen were very professional, polite and prompt! Thank you
Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins
We’ve just had a beautiful new estate style fence and gates installed at our house through Steel Landscaping. We have been very impressed with the level of service and care delivered throughout the whole process. From talking initially with Edward around design and specification, through to the highly professional installation with Matt and Eddie, the whole team have been superb. The all-round knowledge, expertise and advice has been first-class. Thanks to all of you for a very positive experience. Would highly recommend this business to anyone requiring high quality fencing/gates at competitive prices.
John lavery
John lavery
Just had a woven steel partition installed to divide front and back garden. The whole project was set up by phone and email and scheduled to coincide with another local installation as we are c 250 miles south of Steel Landscaping's base. ... organisation and planning went very smoothly. The installation team were excellent. Polite, thorough, precise, efficient and interactive (regularly checking measurements with me) and coped admirably well with heavy mud and atrocious weather. I am looking forward to seeing the weathered patina develop on our weave which will be flanked by tall green beech and provide the backdrop to a herbacious border.
Jill Turner
Jill Turner
Great job carried out by Steel Landscaping Co. to our recent home landscaping project. It looks fantastic and the guys were professional clean and tidy. I would certainly recommend them...
Gary Bricknell
Gary Bricknell
Top class service. Edward gave a very full quote explaining in detail what would be supplied and installed. This allowed me to make minor adjustments to enhance what we wanted delivered. Jake and Connor turned up when they said they would and fitted 60 metres of estate fencing over three days. It looks great. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steel Landscaping Co. Patrick
Lenches Tennis
Lenches Tennis
Great communication, great team, great job!
Benjamin Collins
Benjamin Collins
Excellent company, very helpful working through requirements, open and honest. Installation happened when planned, get team installing, couldn’t have been more helpful. Very highly recommended.
A Menzies
A Menzies
Edward and the team supplied and fitted steel edging for our drive. They have done a fantastic job. The edging is so neat and really robust. Edward was very helpful and easy to deal with booking the job and the guys on site were brilliant. I had been considering a self install option but I am delighted that I asked Steel Landscaping to do the whole job as the result is far superior. Thank you Ed and team.
Rob Williams
Rob Williams
We are absolutely thrilled with the estate fencing installation by the Steel Landscaping Company on our extensive gardens. Their professionalism and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. The team's expertise and craftsmanship transformed our property, enhancing its beauty and security. I highly recommend the Steel Landscaping Company for their outstanding work and exceptional service. Thank you for making our gardens even more spectacular.
Dee Hope
Dee Hope
Steel Landscaping have done a really good job with installing our estate fencing - excellent service, and care and attention to detail. We're very pleased with the result.
jeremy long
jeremy long

Frequently Asked Questions

For structural integrity, helping give more rigidity to your fence as well as enhancing aesthetics, we supply 76 mm round or square end posts with different types of finials on top. Whilst 76 mm is the most popular, we can also supply smaller or larger-sized end posts for your fence line.


We use the same end posts for our corner posts, providing a structural and decorative point for when your fence changes to a sharp angle such as 90-degrees. All our end/corner posts are concreted a minimum of 2ft in the ground with each rail welded onto them.

Yes. We supply and install two different design options to prevent animals from getting out or in.


The more decorative option, which is particularly popular for around gardens is our 6mm round bar. This is a very fine rail that divides the gaps between our bottom main rails.


Our other option is our 2.5mm high tensile galvanised lamb wire to run between the bottom rails, tensioned using gripples. Lamb wire is nearly invisible from a distance. Either option can include as many or as few runs between each rail and as high as required.

Whilst the whole fence could not be electric, we can supply steel insulated curved arms which are welded on every 5 metres (for straight runs). These curve out from the fencing to prevent Livestock from leaning or jumping over the fencing.

According to the Government Legislation, you do not need planning permission to erect a new fence, or alter, maintain, improve or take down an existing fence, wall or gate unless:

  • Your fence height including trellis exceeds 2 metres (6.56ft) in height.
  • Your fence height is higher than 1 metre (3.28ft) and you live next to a public highway or a footpath.
  • Your house is a listed building.
  • You live within the curtilage of a listed building, or in a conservation area.
  • Your fence forms a boundary with a neighbouring listed building

Mild Steel

Mild steel is made up of iron and carbon and is delivered to us as a raw material that we fabricate to suit our client’s requirements.

Without being treated (painted or galvanised), the metal will rust if exposed to the elements. Many clients prefer our products untreated to establish a natural golden patina.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanising is a process that stops steel from oxidation (rusting). Our mild steel is hot-dipped in molten zinc which creates a chemical reaction forming a very hard protective coating of zinc that is engrained into the steel.

This layer of protection provides a barrier of protection between airborne moisture and the steel, to make it corrosion-resistant and durable. Galvanised steel can be primed and painted in any colour.

CorTen Steel

CorTen steel is also known as the ‘weathering steel’.

Once exposed to the elements, CorTen steel forms a natural protective layer, creating a stunning patina of copper hues, rust, and bronze.

This protective layer is not only pleasing to the eye but also creates an exceptional barrier to corrosion whilst maintaining the utmost tensile strength.

Our CorTen steel products require no maintenance and will last a lifetime and beyond depending on the thickness of steel.

Many of our products, including Traditional Estate Fencing, Steel Weave Fencing, Deer Fencing, and Steel Railings are completely bespoke and made to measure in line with the specifications we receive from our customers. 

With this in mind, we advise all our potential clients to get in touch with our team and begin the process of getting your ideal estate fencing.  

Our bare metal steel products, whether mild steel or Corten, will take several months to establish a golden brown patina.


Atmospheric pollutants will impact the process, for example, urban areas and coastal locations will weather our steel faster than the countryside.

We strongly advise for cattle or any other animal with considerable weight, that you opt for our livestock fencing, where each rail is round and 20mm in diameter.

Each post also has a 150mm thrust plate welded on the bottom which will be knocked in under the ground with every 3rd post fixed in fast-setting concrete. This will make the fence more rigid, providing maximum structural integrity.

Our products are manufactured in the UK and made from solid steel for strength and longevity.

There are many different finishes to choose from with regard to our steel fencing, including bare metal (left to form a golden patina), primed and painted, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

Our most popular fencing is primed in our fabrication unit before arrival and then spray-painted on-site with a satin topcoat (various colours are available).

Our steel fencing will last a lifetime and will require minimal maintenance, however, whilst priming and painting provide good anti-rust protection, please note that our estate fencing paintwork will require maintenance eventually, depending on your location.

With bare metal fencing, the fencing is more likely to be affected by corrosion, however, it will create a golden natural appearance over time.

All of our estate fencing is made using solid mild steel, which once painted or galvanised will last a lifetime.

By far the most typical option we’re asked for is mild steel fencing and a painted finish, but we also offer galvanised mild steel fencing, which can be left galvanised, as stainless steel or untreated so it turns to a natural golden patina.

Although location can have a bearing on this process, with urban areas and coastal environments experiencing faster weathering, it can take several months for your estate fencing to establish a natural golden brown colour.

To select the best estate fencing for your property, it’s crucial to consider the kind of animals you have on the land.

For larger expanses of land, our Shropshire fencing is absolutely ideal to help create clean, sweeping boundaries and keep some areas fenced in.

For larger animals, such as cattle, horses and pigs, it’s important to ensure that the fencing is strong enough to contain them and prevent them from doing any damage to themselves, livestock fencing is robust and completely safe for this purpose.

If you find signs of deer on your land and they’re causing damage to your plants and trees, then it’s a good idea to protect those areas with deer fencing. 

Our deer fencing is styled in the same way as the estate fencing but is much taller to prevent the deer from leaping over and includes more rails to prevent the deer from squeezing through the gaps.

Although you wouldn’t think it to look at them, deer are able to squeeze through gaps of just 30cm, which means they can crawl through or even underneath some less specialised fencing options. 

If you’d prefer to keep your land as open as possible, then another option to protect fledgling saplings and younger trees is tree guards. This is especially useful in early winter during the rutting season, when male deer can make light work of a newly established tree.

We manufacture and install several animal-safe designs to prevent animals from getting into or getting out of certain areas on your land.

The most popular, and decorative option, is the 6mm round bar, which is often used in gardens. This option includes a fine rail which is fitted between the gaps at the bottom of the fence to prevent animals from escaping.

If you’re managing sheep on your land, then we can install a 2.5mm high tensile galvanised lamb wire between the bottom rails, which is not only invisible from a distance but is completely safe for the animal too.

If you’re managing cattle or other heavier animals, such as horses, we recommend opting for our Shetland fencing. With our livestock fencing, each rail is round and 20mm for added durability and strength.

With our standard estate fencing, a thrust plate is welded on the bottom of every third post. The Shetland fencing has a 150mm thrust plate welded to the bottom of every post and every third post is set in concrete for added durability. 

Our estate fencing is installed on-site and welded to ensure incredible strength and durability. We fabricate here in the UK, supplying and installing the highest quality steel. 

Generally, our rail spacings will decrease towards the ground to contain pets or keep out livestock. Our rails arrive on site in 6-metre lengths and are fed through 40mm x 8mm solid intermediate posts, driven in every metre. 

Our most popular fencing includes a 20mm solid round top rail with solid 25mm x 6mm flat under rails, however, we also offer solid round 16mm under rails or all 20mm round rails for maximum structural integrity for keeping large cattle such as highland cattle. Every 3rd intermediate post includes a welded-on 150mm thrust plate that is driven underground and secured with postcrete to increase the rigidity of our estate fencing. 

If you require your fencing painting, all our intermediate posts, rails, end/corner posts and gates are undercoated (primed) in our fabrication unit before site arrival and top coated with a 100-micron minimum satin black coating using spray guns. 

All our welds on site are chipped, wire brushed and primed again before top coating. Please note, that other paint colours are also available.    

Although we’re able to create an array of bespoke estate fencing options, our most popular estate fencing height and rail options are as follows:

  • 1.4 metres high with 6 rails.
  • 1.2 metres high with 5 rails.
  • 1.2 metres high with 4 rails.
  • 1 metre high with 5 rails.
  • 1 metre high with 4 rails.

If you’d like to learn more about bespoke options, then give us a call and we can talk through your requirements in more detail.

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