Cavernoma On My Mind, RHS Chelsea Flower Show


Cavernoma On My Mind was designed by Anne Hamilton and Taina Suonio. Anna has a family member who has a cavernoma, a cluster of veins which can cause strokes, haemorrhages and seizures. 

The condition is still relatively unknown and this garden design sought to increase knowledge and awareness of this neurological condition.

Steel was used symbolically throughout the garden design to represent the anxiety and emotions of this condition, while contrasting with the calmness and serenity of experiencing one’s emotions.


Since steel played such an important role in the contrasting elements of the garden, we were approached to provide some of our products to apply to the garden.

A water feature was the centrepiece of the garden – which represented the tears of those suffering with the condition, so it was important for us to create something beautiful and functional too.

What We Did

We were asked to provide several of our product range for the garden, including our estate fencing and steel edging.

We also fabricated a beautiful stainless steel water feature, which allowed the water to slowly flow downwards, contrasting beautifully with the surrounding green of the foliage.

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