Centre for Mental Health’s The Balance Garden, RHS Chelsea Flower Show


The Centre for Mental Health’s Balance Garden is designed to be an urban community garden, showing us how nature can aid our mental wellness

Designed by award-winning garden designers from Wild City Studio, The Balance Garden focuses on creating layers of urban ecology to highlight natural ecosystems which thrive in unlikely places.

As such, the garden uses crushed site waste and sand piles to highlight a variety of wildflowers, grasses and hardy shrubs that do especially well in urban, man-made environments. 


As a man-made material, steel is used considerably throughout the garden, to showcase the flexibility and adaptability of nature, and how it can thrive even in unlikely habitats.

What We Did

To complement the range of steel items throughout the garden, whether that be the weathered steel bridge, walkways or the shipping container growing a range of foragable mushrooms, we contributed our steel edging to outline the edges of the garden and the important pieces within.

courtesy of rhs.org.uk

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