Our Time With The Royal Windsor Flower Show 2024

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It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to supply and display our steel products at the Royal Windsor Flower Show as part of one of their stand-out features. Please enjoy our thoughts on working with this esteemed event.

Grace and Ed Powell from Steel Landscaping Co. at the Royal Windsor Flower Show
Grace and Ed Powell from Steel Landscaping Co. at the Royal Windsor Flower Show


Harmony (n): “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

What does the word harmony mean to you? Whether it’s a melodic symphony, the coming together of two sides or opinions or, as stated above, forming a pleasing and consistent whole, the overall effect is rather lovely.

In a garden, harmony can mean the striking juxtaposition of the old versus the new; of something extraordinary growing whereby the laws of nature, it should not, or of a planting scheme that just works.

We were recently honoured to have been asked to provide some of our steel weave raised beds and steel edging for the What Can You See garden at The Royal Windsor Flower Show, designed by Alan Williams of Landform Consultants.

The Harmony Garden, designed by Landform Consultants
The Harmony Garden - Designed by Alan Williams of designed by Landform Consultants

The Royal Windsor Flower Show

The Royal Windsor Flower Show was this year based upon The Harmony Project, inspired by the book Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World by His Majesty King Charles III, in which he explores the way we have become disconnected from nature across the globe and outlines His philosophy to regain harmony with the natural world.

As such, steel manufacturing could be seen as out of harmony with the natural world, but at Steel Landscaping Co, we only work with partners that have committed to Net Zero targets. We also manufacture all of our own products at our unit in the Midlands, each designed and built to last a lifetime and reduce the number of plastic or timber products used in landscaping.

By using sustainably made steel products, the harmony of manufacture vs nature can be easily restored, as demonstrated in the What Can You See garden.

The garden used geometric patterns, such as the five petals on a flower, and is planted with dozens of bee-friendly plants. It was given layers by the use of natural weave wooden fencing and hidden among the plants were beehives, completing the cycle of harmony within the design.

Our steel edging can be made to a bespoke design, which is what makes it ideal for creating specific shapes for landscaping projects of any size.

All in the design

As the name suggests, the design of a steel weave looks harmonious; the steel flowing in and out creates a practical solution for your garden and a beautiful aesthetic.

Our edging and raised beds are designed to fit any space and can be installed yourself, with interlocking panels that come in a variety of sizes, making it easy and accessible for all; all you will need is a lump hammer.

The raised beds themselves work beautifully if you want a harmonious cascade of planting. The weave creates natural spaces for plants such as erigeron or valerian to grow, as it would in a traditional stone wall or rockery, just without damaging the brickwork.


The What Can You See garden will be relocated to its new home at Bishopsgate School on The Crown Estate in Windsor.

Steel Weave Raised Beds for the Harmony Garden at the Royal Windsor Flower Show

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